401 Pauls Drive Brandon FL, 33511

Remnant Uprising

In this state of the church address, we celebrate the many thing God has done in Brandon Assembly in 2015.  At the same time we look forward to what he is going to do in 2016.  This will be a year of REMNANT UPRISING!  Remnant refers to a fragment, or small part of something that was once a whole.  Uprising refers to the act of rising up.  There once was a time where Christians stood for what they believed instead of twisting the gospel into a “bless me” message.  This message challenges up all to be a Remnant uprising.  Will you be a remnant?  One that still believes in Jesus Christ.  One that is faithful.  One that still believes in the power of the cross.  One that will sacrifice when called upon. Will you be a Remnant and rise in 2016?